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  • What is the warranty on my MOJOW?
There is a 1-year manufacturing warranty. See the Terms and Conditions section on this website for more detailed information about the manufacturing warranty.

  • Is it easy to poke a hole in my inflatable MOJOW chair?
The cushions of the MOJOW chairs are made of very strong PVC – stronger than a pool liner. Sitting on a chair with keys in a back pocket will not poke a hole in the chair.

A special repair kit is included with each MOJOW. It includes a patch in PVC that matches the color of your chair and glue.

Leaks in the seams are covered by the 1-year manufacturing warranty. Please make sure to include a picture of the manufacturing defect, as well as your order information when you have a manufacturing warranty request.

Our MOJOW chairs are very easy to clean by using water and soap or window cleaning product.

It is possible to order a new cushion for your MOJOW chair. Please email us at info@loopeedesign.com for more information and pricing.

An electric pump is included with each chair. It is important for your comfort, for the look and for the durability of the chair to make sure that your chair is inflated strongly. The pump that is included with your chair will not over-inflate your chair.

The maximum weight for the MOJOW armchairs and the sofas is 264 lbs and 528 lbs, respectively.

The MOJOW chairs are for use inside and outside.

  • Do MOJOW chairs get sticky when used in sunlight?
PVC does well when exposed to ultra-violet rays (sunlight). Research shows little to no effect on PVC's tensile strength or elasticity after prolonged sun exposure.

The best colors for use outside are the lighter ones, such as the clear transparent and the white matte, as they stay cool and comfortable even in bright sunlight. The darker colors (the black smoke, black matte and even the transparent green) are best used in a shaded area, such as under an umbrella, a roof or a tree.

The cushions of the MOJOWs are in PVC. The frames are in (black) powder coated aluminum or sipo mahogany wood.

  • Will my MOJOW chair rust when I leave it outside in the rain?
The frame of the MOJOW is aluminum (or wooden). Aluminum doesn’t contain iron or steel and it doesn’t rust.

  • Does the wooden frame need to be treated if I leave my MOJOW chair outside?
The wooden frame consists of sipo mahogany and does not need to be treated when used outside.

  • Can I use my MOJOW chair in the pool?
While the cushions will certainly float in the pool, they are not designed as a pool raft and are not supposed to be stable as a pool raft. A MOJOW chair is designed to be used with its frame.

  • Where are the MOJOW chairs made?

The MOJOW chairs are designed in France. The cushions and the aluminum frames are made in China. The sipo mahogany frames are made in France.

Please do not hesitate to email us to
info@loopeedesign.com with any other questions you may have about our MOJOW chairs!